Dane Steven McGuire

Board of Directors' member, FINCA Armenia

Դեյն Սթիվեն ՄաքԳվայերը

External Director

Dane Steven McGuire was born on April 6, 1948. Throughout his career he has focused on managing participation in professional markets both in developed and emerging markets. He has also gained significant experience in the financial control of commercial banking units, as well as adherence to banking and regulatory requirements.  Before joining FINCA in 2010, he served as Global Head of Central Banks at ABN Amro Bank, NV., culminating a 12-year career with the bank as its UK Treasurer and Regional Treasurer in Latin America.  He held the position of UK Treasurer of Credit Lyonnais in the UK for a period of six years, preceded by a decade with Citibank in Ecuador, Venezuela, London, and Copenhagen, in different country and regional roles, ranging from credit and corporate relationship management  to  investment banking.  Mr. McGuire also served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala from 1971 to 1973.  He received his M.A. in International Studies from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, in Washington, DC, and a B.A. in Political Science from The Citadel in Charleston, SC.


What words of wisdom would you share with a young person?
Never be afraid to express your opinion; speak your mind and heart at all times; the future is not for the timid!
What motivates you to want to make a difference in the world?
If I can improve the life of even one individual and make it possible for him or her to achieve an important life-changing goal, then I will have made a difference. Imagine, if I can multiply this achievement!
From whom or what do you draw inspiration in your everyday life?
From my mother, who raised four children on her own and worked two, eight-hour shifts to provide us with all the essentials, when we were growing up; from the Christian Brothers who taught me in the high school to excel in every effort I made in both the classroom and on the playing field; and from the many bosses and mentors in my professional career, who taught me to seek challenges, climb mountains and seize opportunities.
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