Successful Hairdressers’ Salon “Jasmine”

“Jasmine” Hairdressers’ Salon

Hasmik Petrosyan

On November 15, 2013 “Jasmine” Beauty Salon celebrated its 3rd anniversary. The beauty salon opened three years ago in Yeghegnadzor with a FINCA group loan.  As Ms. Hasmik Petrosyan, the owner of the salon recalls, it was a challenging but worthwhile effort to go after her dream to start her own business.

Since Hasmik had not had a stable job for some time, she decided to open her own hairdresser’s salon. Together with her business partner Aida Galstyan, she applied to FINCA to get a group loan to develop their business. The initial loan was enough to start a small salon. Over years the capacity of the salon, as well as the various services expanded due to careful business planning.  Since the beginning of this year “Jasmine” Beauty Salon has started to invest in future by providing opportunities for young people, who want to become hairdressers. Hasmik and Aida teach young people the nuances of the profession and give the students an opportunity to learn through practice. For three months the trainees work and learn and at the end of the course they are ready to move on their careers with new skills that will help them to earn a living on their own.

“FINCA gave me an opportunity to start my own business, have a steady income and become more independent,” says Hasmik Petrosyan.

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