Victory over Desperation

ՖԻՆՔԱ հաճախորդ Լալա

Lala Ghazaryan

44-year-old Lala Ghazaryan was born in Talin. She is married and has 5 children, a daughter and 4 sons. Her husband is in construction business. The eldest son is 21 years old, and the youngest is 11. They practice sports, and as she states with pride, she is raising future soldiers for the motherland.

The daughter of Lala Ghazaryan, Ashkhen, got ill when she was 4 and as a result her hearing became dull. In order her daughter could go the deaf-and-dumb school Lala had to move to Echmiadzin. “It is not important that we do not have our own house at present and we are living in the apartment of our relatives: the education of my children is the top priority”,- says Lala with excitement. Ashkhen attended design classes in “Mama Flora” organization, studied sign language and met her future husband in the school of deaf-and-dumb.

Immediately after moving to Echmiadzin, Lala started to search for job. She was offered to get engaged in “Oriflame” cosmetics company business and for this purposes she needed money for preliminary contribution. As Lala already had network trade and micro-financing practice in Talin, she, without hesitation, visited FINCA Echmiadzin Branch with her two friends to receive loan.

Lala’s undertaking was successful; it has been three years and a half she efficiently implements her trade. Lately, she received her second loan of 150,000 AMD from FINCA. And this was the loan which made her 40,000th borrower of FINCA.

Lala says she will do her best to keep the reputation of FINCA diligent client.

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