Responsible microfinance is the cornerstone of our operations. Our goals and actions are aimed at job creation in all the regions of the country which faced the survival issue after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Growth and success of our company are the result of the hard work and persistence of FINCA team. The organization is loyal to its moral goals, ethical standards of being socially responsible and promulgating the trend.

Corporate Social Responsibility comes in different forms. Companies integrate philanthropy, responsiveness to environmental, social and human rights issues into their business operations and principal strategy, to show their interest, participation, and collaboration to stakeholders, aiming at minimizing negative impacts.

A big part of our philanthropic acts include working with schools, celebrating Children’s Day and Education Day together.

Above all, FINCA has a pledge to CSR; not to give financial services or loans to individuals or corporations, which are in any way harmful to the society or the environment; companies dealing with hazardous substances, weapons, tobacco, illegal pharmaceuticals, pesticides/herbicides, ozone depleting substances, wildlife or products regulated under the Committee on the International Trade in Endangered Species. In a way, this act is to show corporate character, as well as dictate norms and contribute to the greater good within the society. CSR is not going to singlehandedly solve all the problems the world faces today, certainly not. However, corporations do have a major part in engaging in damage control and upholding its customers to those moral grounds; an imperative social role that goes beyond the traditional economic role of businesses.

FINCA UCO is a closed joint-stock company, operating under the Armenian laws and in accordance with 28/03/2006 N 128A decision of the Central Bank of RA. Registration number is 13, TIN is 00445174.
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