Our History

“FINCA International Inc." Not-for-Profit Corporation established FINCA Charitable Foundation in Armenia aiming to provide financial services to the world's lowest income entrepreneurs.
The Central Bank of Armenia registered and licensed FINCA as "FINCA" Universal Credit Organization CJSC taking the development of the company into a new stage of development.
FINCA Armenia was ranked the 17th among 100 leading microfinance institutions in terms of high income and low procedural costs, as well as effectiveness, transparency and portfolio according to the data published by ’MIX Market’.
FINCA celebrated its 10th anniversary in Armenia.
Shares of “FINCA” UCO CJSC owned by the sole shareholder of “FINCA” UCO CJSC “FINCA" International Inc. were transferred to “FINCA Microfinance Cooperative" U.A.’. Netherlands based company incorporated by “FINCA Microfinance Holding Company” LLC and "FINCA International" LLC.
FINCA reached 50,000 client milestone in Armenia.
For the second time in 2 years FINCA was recognized as "The Best Credit Organization" in Armenia as a result of public opinion polls conducted by Gallup International.
FINCA celebrated its 15th anniversary in Armenia.
FINCA is recognized “The Best Credit Organization in Armenia” of the year, according to the results of a public opinion poll, conducted by the Armenian representation of “Gallup International”.
FINCA UCO is a closed joint-stock company, operating under the Armenian laws and in accordance with 28/03/2006 N 128A decision of the Central Bank of RA. Registration number is 13, TIN is 00445174.
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