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Artyom Tsatryan

If not for FINCA, I would probably be sitting in a small room today, making jewelry, and facing difficulty in selling my works. Or I might be somewhere else, doing a different job, not the one that I like… But today with all the support that I received from FINCA I maintain prosperous business, employ workers and sell my creations. FINCA is my sustainable partner.

Latest Stories


Armine Melkonyan

FINCA opened new horizons for us. With the received loan we were able to enlarge and develop our business. We are very grateful to FINCA for our success.


Vazgen Sirakanyan

FINCA lent me a helping hand, when others shut doors on me. 8 years ago, when I received the first loan at FINCA, my long journey with the company started.

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Vahan Azatyan

FINCA helped me to develop and stimulate my business, to find new opportunities in this undertaking.



FINCA enabled me to bring my family traditions to my home country and lent me a helping hand when I needed it the most.

Creating brighter future

Karine Ghazaryan

FINCA client Karine who was a housewife for many long years and had no professional background in dressmaking, dreamt of creating her own dressmaking salon.

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Armen Voskanyan

“I am so proud for my cooperation with FINCA! Every single dollar borrowed has served its purpose and helped me drive my chocolate factory to its next stage of development."

Artak Margaryan

Artak Margaryan

“FINCA enabled me to create, work and support my family in my home country. I am grateful to FINCA for believing in me, hence helping my dream come true”.

“Jasmine” Hairdressers’ Salon

Hasmik Petrosyan

“FINCA gave me an opportunity to start my own business, have a steady income and become more independent.”


Vasak Ghambaryan

"All I needed was some additional financial resources to plant new trees and I knew we would harvest the fruits and improve our life.”

Մեր հաճախորդների հաջողության պատմությունները

Aramayis Melkonyan

Aramayis was born in Haytagh village of the Armavir region. Since his childhood, Aramayis has helped his father in the greenhouse built near their house.

ՖԻՆՔԱ հաճախորդ Գոհարիկ

Goharik Martirosyan

Goharik has been FINCA's client for 3 years. In her village Goharik is the only person who is engaged in pottery art, which she inherited from her parents.

ՖԻՆՔԱ հաճախորդ Գրիգոր

Grigor Grigoryan

“Konstantin and Sisters” LLC was incorporated by FINCA's client Grigor Aramayis Grigoryan. Grigor was born in Jrarat village of the Armavir region.

ՖԻՆՔԱ հաճախորդ Լալա

Lala Ghazaryan

44-year-old Lala Ghazaryan was born in Talin.The daughter of Lala Ghazaryan, Ashkhen, got ill when she was 4, and as a result her hearing became dull.

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