Business Loans

Business loans are disbursed to micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises to help start a new business or develop and expand an existing one.

Agriculture Loans

Agriculture loans are available to farmers for livestock development and for acquiring land and modern agricultural machinery.

Consumer Loans

Consumer loans are offered to improve the borrower’s standard of living.

Other Services

Exchange rates

Notes: 1. Banknotes with a face value of 500 euros are not accepted, exchanged or replaced by FINCA UCO CJSC.
2. The exchange rates presented on the website can differ from those presented in branches based on the frequency and speed of website updates.


Children’s Day at FINCA Armenia

June 9, 2022|

The children of FINCA Armenia staff celebrated Children’s Day at the FA headquarters. To their delight, the main meeting room, where all the important decisions are made and all the serious matters are discussed, was turned into a theater for a day.

Financial Literacy Month

May 11, 2022|

As a logical continuation of Women’s Month, we at FINCA Armenia dedicated the month of April to Women’s Financial Literacy.


August 31, 2023|

On 30  August 2023, first coupons was paid by “FINCA” UCO CJSC AMFNCAB2EER0 and AMFNCAB2FER7   bonds. Bond Issue Prospectus Final Terms and Conditions of Bonds in USD Final Terms  and Conditions of Bonds in AMD  

FINCA Armenia Receives $1.5 Million Financing

August 21, 2023|

FINCA has signed its first loan agreement with new partner MCE Social Capital, a US based organization on provision of US$ 1.5million senior loan in August, 2023 . The loan will enable FINCA to stay