FINCA UCO borrows from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on more competitive terms than bank deposits.

An individual and flexible approach is given to each transaction, taking into account the desired terms of the investor.

20-25 mutually beneficial borrowing deals equivalent to USD 11 million have been signed since 2016.

  • Legal entrepreneur
  • Individual entrepreneur
Borrowing term Starting from 6 months
Borrowing amount Starting from AMD 27,000,000 or USD 50,000
Borrowing interest rate Defined based on the mutual agreement between the borrower and FINCA UCO CJSC.
Special terms Borrowers may be offered special rates for foreign exchange transactions.
Other terms
  • All terms and conditions are regulated by the contract signed between FINCA UCO CJSC and the borrower.
  • Based on the investor’s choice, the interest can be paid in AMD or in the invested currency.

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