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November 2017

FINCA always supports the customers

November 21, 2017||

The customer has applied for the loan, the application has met all the necessary criteria, so the contract is signed and the customer makes the payments regularly each month. One might think that the job of the credit organization is done here, but not really. Not for FINCA at least.

Becoming a True Friend

November 2, 2017||

FINCA branches operate in different regions of Armenia for long years. Throughout these years of ups and downs, victories and hardships and many challenges we have indeed contributed greatly to the development of the communities, where we are present. This was not only about mere financial support.

September 2016

FINCA Celebrated the Independence Day with First-Grade Pupils

September 23, 2016||

FINCA’s “Carefree Childhood” social project is of a continuous nature. In the scope of the project, each year FINCA comes up with new and interesting initiatives, which brighten up the days of kids, living in different corners of Armenia, and add another bright memory to their childhood. Each year FINCA celebrates September 1st, the Knowledge and Schooling Day.

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September 2014

FINCA Made September 1 More Memorable and Festive

September 1, 2014||

On September 1, 2014 FINCA presented bags with FINCA colors and logo to more than 2000 schoolchildren from over 100 schools of RA, among them secondary schools, special schools, boarding schools and orphanages granting festive mood to all of them. During the September 1 ceremony children were already wearing FINCA’s bags, while FINCA’s balloons were making the day brighter and happier.

September 2012

FINCA Congratulated the Schoolchildren with September 1

September 5, 2012||

On September 1 FINCA employees congratulated 13000 schoolchildren of about 260 schools from different provinces of Armenia. They also visited different special educational institutions warming children with their cordiality and kindness and presented them with stationery – illustrated copybooks, albums for painting, etc.