March 2021

December 2017

Marine Stepanyan

December 8, 2017||

Marine lives in Armavir, in a small yet very beautiful and friendly town, where everybody knows each other. Everyday our loyal client Marine opens the doors of her beauty salon and personally welcomes her first clients.

May 2016

Armine Melkonyan

May 27, 2016||

Sale of spices is Armine’s family business for 18 years already. Cooperation with FINCA, however, started 2 years ago, when she and her family decided to move to Etchmiadzin and enlarge their business by establishing “World of Spices” store there, too.

Artyom Tsatryan

May 27, 2016||

Back in school, Artyom, 33, was not very keen on studying. The center of his vital interest was always jewelry making. Hence, after graduating, he took on the long and eventful path in this sphere, by entering the market as a goldsmith.

Vahan Azatyan

May 6, 2016||

Vahan, 39, lives in the region of Armavir, village Guy, with his two children, father and sister. Looking at Vahan’s fish farm today, it is hard to imagine that once there used to be just a big hole in this territory. Due to Vahan’s persistent character and with the help of FINCA loan, today, instead of a hole, there are pools full of fish, which Vahan talks with so much pride about.

Vazgen Sirakanyan

May 6, 2016||

Hospitable Vazgen lives in the region of Armavir, village Araqs. He has a big, united family. His life job is greenhouses: Vazgen owns a greenhouse farm for 12 years already. He grows cucumber, tomato, pepper, chili pepper, and eggplant… This list has the potential to grow.

November 2015


November 6, 2015||

It is already 40 years that Nerses is in the Molding Business, and 37 years out of this in the territory of Syria. Nerses inherited this business from his father who was a real master with infectious enthusiasm.

July 2015

Karine Ghazaryan

July 16, 2015||

Karine, a philologist by profession, has long been a housewife who directed all her efforts to her children’s upbringing and the household work. Having no professional background in dressmaking, Karine however dreamt of creating her own dressmaking salon.

February 2015

Armen Voskanyan

February 13, 2015||

Armen, a proud owner of a chocolate factory, has established his production in 1989. Since his early childhood he has dreamt of producing his own chocolates, and together with his 2 friends, who shared his passion, they decided to make their biggest dream come true.

January 2015

Artak Margaryan

January 21, 2015||

Artak is a proud owner of an in-house workshop where he crafts various pieces of art from wood. He lives in the Armavir region of the Republic of Armenia with his wife and 3 kids.