October 2014

Hasmik Petrosyan

October 9, 2014||

On November 15, 2013 “Jasmine” Beauty Salon celebrated its 3rd anniversary. The beauty salon opened three years ago in Yeghegnadzor with a FINCA group loan.

December 2013

Vasak Ghambaryan

December 26, 2013||

“All these trees were small seedlings. I planted them several years ago, and now they are the ones that help me sustain my family,” says Vasak Ghambaryan, as he walks along his apple garden at the foothills of Mt. Araler.

May 2013

Grigor Grigoryan

May 3, 2013||

“Konstantin and Sisters” LLC was incorporated by its founder and director Grigor Aramayis Grigoryan. Grigor was born in Jrarat village of Armavir region, an area which has strong development and processing potential in different agricultural fields. Grigor started his career as a viniculture specialist.

Goharik Martirosyan

May 3, 2013||

Goharik has been FINCA’s client for three years. FINCA employees were very interested in the business Goharik runs. In their village Goharik is the only person who is engaged in pottery art, which she has inherited from her parents.

Aramayis Melkonyan

May 3, 2013||

FINCA’s client Aramayis was born in Haytagh village of Armavir region. Aramayis, since his childhood, has helped his father in the greenhouse built at their house. When he grew up, he assumed the duties of his father with great responsibility.