To celebrate Women’s month, FINCA UCO launched an initiative to surprise our female clients and to empower them to trigger positive changes in their communities.

The initiative is in line with FINCA Armenia’s commitment to environmental responsibility. On March 9, our female customers in several regions and the capital who came to a branch for various transactions received surprise gifts in the form of eco tote-bags and flower seeds. While presenting the gifts to the women, FINCA staff highlighted the ways women could contribute to minimizing the environmental threats created by single-use plastic and could help create a better environment for their children.

We believe that women are a powerful force that can initiate and drive positive changes. All we need to do is to equip them with our beautiful eco bags and motivate them to start setting positive examples in their communities.

Finally, we couldn’t imagine Women’s Day without flowers. But instead of giving our customers bouquets that would perish in a few days, we opted for a more environmentally friendly option of giving them seeds to grow their own flowers and to enjoy them much longer.