Information Services Department Manager

Validity period: 15/03/2022 - 17/08/2022
Duty Station: Yerevan
Position: Information Services Department Manager
Department / Branch: Information Services Department

Job Description

Role Purpose

This is a core position within the company Executive Team, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Main responsibilities of Information Services Department Manager are to lead the FINCA IS Department and to provide the company head office and the branches with technical and administrative support for IS software and IS infrastructure, build a portfolio of IS services aimed at achieving the Company’s goals, creating value and ensuring a positive ROI, develop a strategy and action plan to align technologies with the Company’s business processes and analyze business needs and requirements and translate them into technology solutions. Information Services Department Manager aims to develop, implement, and approve information technology policies and procedures underpinned by FINCA’s overall IS policy, to evaluate, monitor, and optimize IT services, ensure their good performance as a service provider and to develop, implement, and maintain information security and business continuity plan.



  • Lead the IS department;
  • Ensure the quality of IT services, as defined in the IT Services Catalog, with the main emphasis on banking system applications;
  • Plan and prioritize the works of the IS department, define the objectives of the IS department, support the continuous development of performance of employees and improve the results;
  • Organize, control, and ensure the implementation of department projects and initiatives;
  • Manage IT projects, ensure timely submission of projects related to the IS department;
  • Develop internal rules, procedures and standards related to IT services based on FINCA’s overall IT policy;
  • Ensure the control and implementation of the standards required by the Central Bank;
  • Ensure the availability of up-to-date / final versions of software, systems, servers, networks and database;
  • Lead the research, evaluation, and acquisition of new software and hardware equipment;
  • Plan, follow up, and control the budget of the IS department;
  • Manage and supervise user service and support processes;
  • Correlate IT strategy implementation of business goals;
  • Monitor and ensure appropriate IT security in all areas of IT services, including data, infrastructure, networks, etc;
  • Collect IT business requirements and work with stakeholders to meet desired expectations;
  • Provide advice to internal clients on IT solutions that can meet business requirements;
  • Ensure the reliability of backup / recovery process based on procedures;
  • Ensure information security of the Company;
  • Lead business continuity and Failure recovery planning initiatives and in case of accidents lead the processes to ensure business smooth operations;
  • Create and implement an effective plan to ensure a sufficient level of coverage of risk and audit findings;
  • Submit regular KPI reports to the management and inform on the department performance;
  • Carry out research in the relevant field and assess the latest developments that affect the IT processes, banking systems, etc.

Implementation, management and improvement of software and hardware equipment

  • Manage, update and expand the FINCA IT system and services;
  • Suggest changes in programs and/or equipment to be included in the strategic / operational plan of the company;
  • Coordinate priority issues between other sections (users) of the IT section;
  • Examine new and potential hardware, software, and network systems to further expand the infrastructure;
  • Check software results based on system audits of technologies used.

Staff Management

  • Recruit, hire and train the staff of FINCA IS Department;
  • Develop highly skilled, responsive and innovative team to ensure that the department’s goals are met;
  • Ensure the performance appraisal process of all IT staff in accordance with the Company policies and procedures;
  • Coordinate the work process of the entire IT staff. Ensure that IS Department staff effectively manages their work and time;
  • Review the adequacy of IT resources, including funds, staff, equipment and service levels, location, etc;
  • Ensure the compliance of the IS department staff with FINCA policies and regulations.

Equipment, Supply and Procurement

  • Maintain current and accurate inventory for IS equipment;
  • Identify areas where users can use IT resources more effectively;
  • Ensure the availability of relevant procurement documents for all IS procurements prior to approval in accordance with FINCA policies;
  • Follow up on all IT fixed assets in the office. Assist in the annual inventory and prepare relevant documents for the write-off of damaged IS assets;
  • Securing contracts with all suppliers;
  • Ensure compliance of all contracts with the standards set by the Legal Department of the Company and Global Policies;
  • Ensure timely and complete payments for all proper invoices from suppliers;
  • Provide detailed criteria for purchasing hardware, software, and services;
  • Ensure the quality of IS equipment and services purchased from external suppliers


  • Define user training needs. Develop respective training plan together with Training specialist;
  • Collaborate with the HR department on the requirements of the HR staff or on the requirements in the job descriptions for hiring an HQ knowledgeable employee in any department;
  • Train FINCA Armenia staff if necessary (according to plan and schedule).

Job Requirements


  • Bachelor”s degree in Information Technology / computer sciences is required.


  • Minimum 8 years experience in IT field is required;
  • Minimum 3 years experience in leading IT teams is required;
  • Strong experience with IT software, hardware, IT security, programming, team cooperation, market knowledge, motivation and business environment is required.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of the following systems and technology: Windows Server infrastructure, Network and System Architecture level, Microsoft SQL Server, Cloud Architecture, Development Architecture is required;
  • Knowledge of Banking Systems is desired;
  • In-depth knowledge of IT solutions and new technologies;
  • Ability to explain and deliver technical solutions in a practical way;
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills;
  • Proven ability to delegate and to empower teams;
  • Strong skills in analysis, problem solving and resolving disputes.

Language Skills

  • Fluency in Armenian and English is required.

Travel Requirements

  • Occasional travel is required in the country and abroad.

Physical Demands

  • Ability to travel in economy class while travelling by air or trail.

What We Offer

  • Highly competitive salary;
  • Bonus, subject to the company performance;
  • Health insurance (VIP coverage);
  • An opportunity to grow and develop in an internationally-minded environment.

Application Procedure

If you meet the requirements above and are confident that your background and experience qualify you for this position, please apply to this job role via this link.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.