Lawyer in Judicial Unit of Legal Department

Validity period: 05/02/2024 - 27/02/2024
Duty Station: Yerevan
Position: Lawyer in Judicial Unit of Legal Department
Department / Branch: Legal Department

Job Description

“FINCA” UCO CJSC is looking for a lawyer to join the Judicial Unit of Legal Department, who will be responsible for defending the rights and interests of the Company in cases (judicial) included in his portfolio along with carrying out other assignments in time given by Head of legal department and Head of Judicial Unit.

Job Responsibilities

  • Preparation of respective documents, filing lawsuits according to the terms and order prescribed in the internal legal acts of the Company and presenting to the court, յudicial representation, drafting and presenting necessary motions, responses, objections, demands, during the judicial process, appeals and cassation appeals, presenting demands, during the bankruptcy process and other required documents, singing of settlement agreements,
  • Presenting motions to the court for transfer of the case to compulsory enforcement bodies for levy execution, following the process,
  • Filing and presenting respective claims to the competent bodies for registering the Company’s right to demand in case of debtor’s death,
  • Following the judicial, bankruptcy processes, the scheduled auctions, registering the auctions and the property in sale
  • Upon the instructions of the Head of Legal department, managing the cases of overdue portfolio and providing representation in those cases in compulsory enforcement processes, drafting necessary documents, claiming and presenting them to the compulsory enforcement bodies, providing supervision over the enforcement process, checking the accuracy of documents received from the mentioned bodies, revealing the possible mistakes and undertaking actions to eliminate them, registering the document electronically, managing the archive, following the bankruptcy processes and auctions,
  • Registration of the documents received from courts, compulsory enforcement bodies as well as documents related to the bankruptcy, arranging documents to the respective folders (electronic, achieve),
  • Representation of the company in the court, administrative procedures, compulsory enforcement bodies, state bodies and local authorities, in law enforcement agencies,
  • Completing other tasks and assignments related to the legal department activities given by the Head of Legal Department
  • Completing other assignments prescribed or not forbidden by legislation related to main job responsibilities given by the managers

Required Qualifications

  • Higher education;
  • At least 1 years of relevant professional work experience;
  • Knowledge of Armenian, Russian and English languages,
  • Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel) and PowerPoint,
  • Managing and planning of workload, time management skills, using of additional resources, creating applicable projects
  • Problem revealing and solving ability in short terms, logical approach, involvement in team working and problem solution processes,
  • Overcoming challenges, preserve․

Company Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Annual bonuses (subject to company performance)
  • Quarterly bonuses (subject to employee’s personal performance)
  • Health insurance
  • Rewards on the occasions of marriage and birth of children
  • Trainings
  • Teambuilding and corporate events
  • An opportunity to grow and develop in an internationally-minded environment

Application Procedure

Apply here, if you meet the requirements above and are interested in the position announced.