Based on the prospectus of FINCA UCO CJSC nominal, non-documentary, coupon bonds issue registered by the resolution of the Governor of Central Bank of Armenia N 1/234A on 19.04.2019 (by the resolution of the Governor of Central Bank of Armenia N 1/648A an Addition to bond issue prospectus was registered on 28.08.2019), FINCA UCO CJSC plans the issue and placement of AMD denominated coupon bonds on 24.09.2019.

The underwriter of the guaranteed placement is ARARATBANK. FINCA UCO CJSC bonds placement will take place in Armenia Securities Exchange through a one-time auction. The issue and placement of the coupon bonds of AMD 1,350,000,000 in volume and 135,000 in quantity will be held through a standard closed auction, excluding non-competitive as well as full-satisfaction bids. The remaining coupon bonds of AMD 150,000,000 in volume and 15,000 in quantity will be acquired by at its nominal value ARARATBANK CJSC as a market maker to increase the liquidity of the coupon bonds and the attractiveness of investments in the secondary market. The minimum bid cut price is AMD 10,000, bids lower than that price will not be accepted.

Only Armenia Securities Exchange member companies can take part in this placement. The list of member companies is available at Armenia Securities Exchange official website.

Non-member companies wishing to participate in bond placement can apply to the member companies.

Material Terms and Conditions of Bonds

Category Nominal Coupon Bonds
Face value 10,000 AMD
Total volume 1,500,000,000 AMD
Quantity 150,000
Maturity 36 months
Coupon rate 10.5%
Coupon payment frequency Semi-annual


The payment and redemption of FINCA UCO CJSC coupon bonds will be carried out according to the following schedule:

First payment 24.03.2020
Second payment 24.09.2020
Third payment 24.03.2021
Fourth payment 24.09.2021
Fifth payment 24.03.2022
Sixth payment and coupon bond redemption 24.09.2022

If the coupon bond payment and/or redemption date falls on a non-working day, the payment will be made on the following workday.

You can access the final conditions of the bonds and program prospectus below:

Bond Issue Prospectus 2019

Addition to Bond Issue Prospectus 2019

Final Terms and Conditions of Bonds