June 1st, Children’s Day was one of the most cheerful events that took place in FINCA in 2017. Taking the chance to congratulate and celebrate their wonderful existence, FINCA was excited to gift a very happy and memorable day to the beloved children of FINCA workers. In the end, we are a big, warm and united family, where our children’s cries of joy are the seeds for our happiness.

All FINCA branches participated in the initiative, announcing an open day for their children, who came to visit and learn about the workplace of their parents, participate in fun activities, make friends and simply have fun. The “Financial Educational Textbook for Children” developed and designed by FINCA Armenia was the highlight of the event, as the children loved reading it, coloring the images and solving the very interesting logical problems, accompanied with great children’s music and the warm atmosphere of FINCA workers. Yet, the children were cheered the most by the unexpected entrance of the clowns and cartoon characters. They enjoyed singing and playing different games with the unexpected guests, who, on their end, confessed of also having a great time with such amazing children. Moreover, sweets and light refreshments were served for everyone.

At the end of the day, Children did not even want to leave FINCA, which proves the fact that the children had a great time, and the purpose of the open day was reached successfully.