Now, it is much easier to switch to more economical and cleaner solar power and to cut water heating costs as the lack of money is no more an issue. Moreover, you don’t need to visit organizations financing the purchase or selling the heater and to spend time on the pre-work.

With our Solar Loan, you can have a solar water heater and enjoy a number of benefits even if you don’t have enough money at the moment. And there are quite a few of these benefits:

  • Saving up to AMD 144,000 a year,
  • Hot water of up to 65°C even during the coldest winter days,
  • 5 years of guarantee,
  • Independence of gas and electricity price increases,
  • High quality of customer service.

And finally, in case of taking the loan for up to eight months, both the annual interest rate and the monthly service fee would be 0%.

Our representative will visit you and conduct the preliminary evaluation, and during this visit, you will complete the loan application.

This is possible thanks to the collaboration between FINCA UCO and EcoVille LLC, an organization supplying solar water heaters in Armenian market. During the pilot phase Solar Loans are available at FINCA’s “Gavar”, “Martuni”, and “Vardenis” branches in Gegharkunik marz, and later on, they will be offered throughout the country.

To learn more about the terms and conditions of the Solar Loan, click here.

Solar Loan – the best way to get a solar water heater!