2-4 gradIMAG0864es students from more than 150 schools in Armenia will remember spending their first school day with FINCA and understanding what a saving is.

Throughout many years FINCA celebrates the first school day by paying visits to schools in the scope of “Careless Childhood” social project. This year as well we remain

true to this beautiful tradition. As a special gift FINCA has created and distributed informative booklets targeted at elementary school children. The main aim of the project is to financially educate the society from the young age. The content of the book is written in simple and comprehensive language for the children. Moreover, the special character FINCA Wise-Guy accompanies them in their journey of discovering the financial world. The book is filled with interesting pieces of advice, problems and examples, which ultimately educate to spend wisely.

On the first of September more than 5000 books were delivered to pupils by FINCA employees, who also conducted some short lessons about financial literacy in more than 150 schools all over the country. As always warm welcome was waiting for us during our visits to special schools, boarding schools and orphanages. It is always touching to see that both children and staff wait for us impatiently and appreciate our attention.

This initiative perfectly reflects our core values, which are warmth, trust and responsibility. We are deeply convinced that by contributing to young generation’s financial education we ensure brighter future for them as educated and aware citizens, for the community where they live and work and ultimately for the country, whose prosperity depends on their diligent work.

“Careless Childhood” is a part of FINCA corporate social responsibility strategy as a responsible financing company, whose main mission is to raise the standard of living and ensure the well-being of its clients and of the society on the whole. And without any doubt, children are the cornerstone of this objective.