In the scope of “Open doors’ day” program, university students visited FINCA UCO CJSC to participate in the financial tour.

The program aimed at giving the students the opportunity of getting acquainted with the financial sphere, seeing how the knowledge, gained at universities, is applied on practice, as well as getting answers to their questions.

Financial tour started at FINCA head office. The Company CEO Hrachya Tokhmakhyan welcomed the students, and told them about his career path, giving advice on how to build trustworthy relationship with coworkers.

Afterwards, FINCA activities, company’s mission, international shareholders, corporate values, current and future projects were presented to the students. The students also visited the company departments and learned about their functions.

The last stop of the tour was FINCA Agatangeghos branch, where the participants had the chance of seeing the customer service process.

The interesting and eventful day at FINCA was concluded with a surprise for the students: they received mugs with FINCA logo, as a memory of their positive and pleasant experience with the company.