Karen Kandazyan joined FINCA in 2014 as a Junior Loan Officer at FINCA “Meghri” branch. Giving the talents the opportunity to grow is in the DNA of FINCA. So due to his diligence and purposefulness he ultimately became Branch Manager. The company constantly expects every employee to adhere the highest standards of honesty, integrity and sympathy. This is something inherent to the culture and design of the company. So Karen was able not only to exemplify the FINCA brand and inspire his customers with exceptional warmth, trust, and responsible financing, but also initiate some activates for helping the client to collect his harvest or organizing fundraiser for a colleague in need.

Conclusively, Karen’s efforts were acknowledged by the company. During the New Year party, the results of the “FINCA STAR” annual awards were announced, according to which Karen Kandazyan was recognized as “FINCA STAR”.

Karen accepted this award with the deep sense of responsibility. But the surprises would continue and during a business trip to Head Office, Karen was invited to take part in a call with FINCA SA General Director Hrachya Tokhmakhyan, who was at that moment was participating in Global Management Meeting in Tanzania. During the call Mr. Tokhmakhyan announced the news, regarding the fact that Karen was recognized as FINCA Global Star, so he would have the opportunity to travel to FINCA Headquarters in Washington D.C.