Every year, FINCA Armenia conducts the Annual Conference of the Leadership Team, which this year was held in Gyumri.

One of the goals of the FINCA Annual Conference is to summarize the past year with the management staff and discuss the needs and demands of customers to formulate the next year’s strategy.

Effective working discussions enable the professional team to best fulfill FINCA’s missions, which are to enable low-income individuals and communities to invest in their future, help people create assets and new jobs, and raise their standard of living.

Apart from the annual discussions, the big team of FINCA had guest speakers: Karen Nikoghosyan – founder of the “gHost” company, and Lena Karapetyan – head of “Tumo Gyumri,” who shared their successful experience and also spoke about the determination to overcome challenges.

It should be noted that FINCA Armenia has made a significant contribution to the development of the credit financing sector of our country by implementing the best international financial experience and program partnerships aimed at education, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment programs, client capacity development, etc.

30 FINCA branches in Armenia, 28 of which are in communities, which proves FINCA’s community reach and reliable activity over 25 years.

FINCA, 25 years by your side.