FINCA UCO has been announced “The Best Credit Organization in Armenia” of the year, according to the results of a public opinion poll, conducted by the Armenian representation of “Gallup International”.

In November 2015, “Gallup International” association conducted its annual independent public survey in all the regions of Armenia to determine the level of popularity of various brands represented in the Armenian market, to decide who the leaders in the spheres of their operation are, and to rank them. The main questions, included in the interviews, were as follows: “Which brands do you consider the best?”, “Which criteria do you signify when choosing this or that organization?”, “The services of which companies do you use most often?”.

Concluding the customer responses, “Gallup International” announced the best organizations in Armenia. For the third time in a row FINCA UCO is recognized the best among credit organizations, which seems to have become a tradition.

On December 29, 2015, the Armenia Office Director of “Gallup International” Aram Navasardyan visited FINCA head office to grant the certificate to CEO of FINCA Armenia, Hrachya Tokhmakhyan.

“Due to the devotion of employees, their responsible everyday work, as well as close collaboration between customers and employees, the company enjoys high reputation in the market. We have always been committed to organization’s values, mission and international standards throughout the course of our operation, acting as a responsible credit organization”, says the CEO of FINCA Mr. Tokhmakhyan.

The staff was very excited with this achievement. This is not only a practical proof that we are on the right path, but also a motivation for overcoming new challenges and reaching our goals.