September 1: what a long-awaited day for children who are going to enter school for the first time in their lives. How many times they have imagined their first class, first bell and the first teacher .

Strongly believing that children are the driving engine of our country’s future it is already 5 years that in the scope of its “Careless Childhood” marketing campaign FINCA is organizing various surprises for first-grade schoolchildren making September 1 more memorable and festive for them.

Last year due to FINCA’s efforts a lot of children entered newly renovated and beautiful classrooms on September 1. While this year FINCA presented bags with FINCA colors and logo to more than 2000 schoolchildren from over 100 schools of RA, among them secondary schools, special schools, boarding schools and orphanages granting festive mood to all of them. During September 1 ceremony children were already wearing FINCA’s bags, while FINCA’s balloons were making the day brighter and happier.

Holding their presents in their hands, children were sharing their dreams and promising to become worthy citizens of our country.