On the eve of Motherhood and Beauty Day FINCA women clients visited FINCA without even imagining what a big surprise was waiting there for them. FINCA employees throughout all FINCA branches were presenting chocolates and greeting cards to women to make this wonderful spring day even more festive and brighter. This year FINCA prepared for Motherhood and Beauty Day with special enthusiasm and efforts: even the chocolate bars and greeting cards symbolized FINCA, as they were designed with FINCA colors and logo.

Smiles, congratulations, warm emotions, excitement… Such festive mood prevailed at all branches of FINCA. Women clients were leaving branches with sincere smile on their faces thanking FINCA for continuous support and unforgettable impressions.

“The role of women is non-substitutable. 50% of our workforce is comprised of women, who make their immense contribution to the sustainable development of FINCA, while the number of our women clients reaches up to 20.000. Women are an important driving engine of social and economic growth, hence, supporting women entrepreneurs, empowering them to work and create is the cornerstone of our operations”, noted Hrachya Tokhmakhyan, the CEO of FINCA.