FINCA UCO CJSC announces about fourth tranche USD denominated coupon bond issue on 25.02.2019. The underwriter of guaranteed placement is again ARARATBANK.

On 06 December 2018, the prospectus of FINCA UCO CJSC nominal, non-documentary, coupon bonds issue was registered by the resolution of Governor of Central Bank of Armenia N 1/842A taken on 05.12.2018. The third tranche in AMD 1,400,000,000 volume, with 10.5% annual yield and with 36-month maturity, 140,000 in quantity and 10,000 AMD face value coupon bonds were fully placed on 18.12.2018 under this prospectus. On 09.01.2019, AMD bonds were listed and admitted to trading in Armenia Securities Exchange secondary list of bonds (Bbond). It was also admitted execution of repo transactions with FINCA AMD denominated bonds.

FINCA UCO CJSC USD bonds placement will take place in Armenia Securities Exchange through one-time auction. Only Armenia Securities Exchange member companies can take part in this placement. The list of member companies is available at Armenia Securities Exchange official website. Non-member companies wishing to participate in bond placement can apply to the member companies.

Click on the below links to see the Prospectus and Bond Issue Final Terms and Conditions


Material Terms and Conditions of Bonds

Category Nominal Coupon Bonds
Face value 25 USD
Total volume 2,000,000 USD
Maturity 36 months
Coupon rate 6.00%
Coupon payment frequency Semi-annual

You can see bonds final conditions and program prospectus with the links below:

Prospectus of Bonds Issue 2018

Final Terms and Conditions of Bonds Issue