On October 7, “Stepanavan” Branch of FINCA welcomed its clients for the first time at 12b Surb Nshan str. of Stepanavan city. The latter is the 15th newly opened branch of FINCA , which is renovated and equipped with modern technologies and equipment.

The objective of the branch is to assist in reviving of economic activity in the region through developing of small and medium business and consequently increasing standards of life of the population, which is located at a great distance from the capital and has not yet overcome the impact of natural disaster that had tremendous adverse impact on social-economic condition of the region.

Many honorable guests from local self-governing bodies, FINCA’s Head Office and Branches were present at the ceremony of opening. The Ceremony was followed by press conference in which local and various TV channels participated. FINCA’s General Director and other executive level officials were interviewed by news agencies.