On December 27 FINCA big family got together in the Caucasus Complex to wish good bye to 2014 and welcome 2015.

The beautiful evening kicked off with the inspiring speech of FINCA Armenia CEO Mr. Hrachya Tokhmakhyan, “This was a year full of remarkable moments for FINCA Armenia. The joint efforts and cooperation of our committed team made our success possible. I truly believe that the year of 2015 will be even more productive”.

Thereon, the anthem of FINCA Armenia filled the massive halls of the Caucasus Complex with the warm and sincere tune sung along by all the employees. Right afterwards the unprecedented show began: diverse folk dances, humor and live songs. And yet this was the beginning.

FINCA employees made the evening even brighter with staff-organized entertainments. A number of talented employees performed an Armenian folk dance spreading the spirit of Armenian traditions and cultural heritage. Another employee delighted the whole staff with his beautiful voice that touched everyone deeply.

The party got even more exciting when Santa Claus stepped in and wished everyone lots of joy and happiness for 2015.

A massive FINCA cake, clinking of glasses, emotional toasts came at the end of the party when FINCA Armenia CEO and CFO took the floor for cutting the FINCA cake.

This was an evening full of surprises, exciting moments, endless joy and fun.

Welcome 2015!