FINCA branches operate in different regions of Armenia for long years. Throughout these years of ups and downs, victories and hardships and many challenges we have indeed contributed greatly to the development of the communities, where we are present. This was not only about mere financial support. No, we have proposed to our clients something much more valuable, as ideas, care and hope.

Moreover, not only our clients have had the chance to feel our warmth. FINCA has always been a pioneer in carrying out various projects in the scope of FINCA corporate social responsibility. The examples are numerous projects as “Careless Childhood”, tree planting events, visits to orphanages and special schools etc. Our involvement in community life was so strong that FINCA would ultimately become kind of a friend, who’d one invite to a birthday party. Thus, in October the staff of “Armavir” branch was invited to the celebration of 85th anniversary of Mayisyan village school. We would be totally honest with you and say that our whole staff was extremely touched and eagerly accepted the invitation.

The celebration was indeed wonderful, full of memorable moments. As a present FINCA team gave to the school a branded souvenir, with FINCA brand symbol tree and brand promise “Creating brighter future” printed on. We are deeply convinced that this simple phrase can become an enormous source of motivation for students in pursuing their studies and achieving success and abundance.

That day would be memorized by Armavir branch staff as a busy one, as right from the celebration of the 85th anniversary they had to hurry to another event in another village- Mrgashat. That day was marked as the celebration of harvest day and a Wine festival was organized. Warm welcome would wait for FINCA here as well.

These cases were indeed the best appreciation of our work, as what we long for is the establishment of long term and mutually beneficial relationships. And what can be better considered as a prove than a true friendship?