Entering schools for the first time on September 1, first-grade schoolchildren could not even imagine what a big surprise was waiting there for them.

Back in the last in the scope of its “Carefree Childhood” CSR campaign FINCA presented bags with FINCA colors and logo to over 2000 first-grade schoolchildren, while this year FINCA’s surprise was even more unexpected.

About 2500 FINCA raincoats colored the beginning of the school year for schoolchildren from over 100 schools of RA. From now on, the raincoats symbolizing FINCA will ensure bright mood for children if in rainy and nasty weather.

It has already become a tradition for FINCA to visit children with hearing disabilities, as well as those living in orphanages and celebrate the start of the school year together with them. Children are looking forward to FINCA’s visit every year being sure that FINCA will again turn their day into a real holiday.

“Any corporation should be involved in the process of formation and development of their home country. Children are the future of any country and society, hence, FINCA, as a socially responsible organization, strives to convey its warmth and care to children making its modest contribution to ensuring a carefree childhood for them”, noted FINCA CEO Hrachya Tokhmakhyan.

Children who started the school year with new expectations and dreams promised to study hard and become worthy professionals for their country.