Children are always the center of attention of FINCA, because they are the future of our country.

It is already 5 years that FINCA is successfully conducting its “Careless Childhood” campaign in the scope of its corporate social responsibility projects and organizing various surprises for children throughout Armenia to brighten and color their childhood.

This time FINCA’s efforts concentrated on its employees’ children aimed at creating an unforgettable holiday for them at FINCA. Before children arrived, everything was already designed at FINCA to make this special day a real fun full of surprises and exciting moments. This year for June 1 FINCA has organized a thematic painting contest between children called “My Parent(s)’s Workplace FINCA in my Imagination” in the scope of its internal campaign “FINCA through Children’s Eyes”. During the contest children were asked to paint FINCA as they imagine it.

Their imagination was endless: everyone was painting with such a great enthusiasm being confident they their picture would be recognized as the winner. At the end of the contest children had already acquired a number of friends at FINCA: they were sharing their emotions and impressions with them, while asking their parents to take them to FINCA more often.

The winner will be announced soon.