The new academic year started with some pleasant surprises for more than 5,000 schoolchildren of 2nd to 4th grades of the Republic of Armenia. Staying true to its tradition of celebrating The Day of Knowledge, this year also FINCA carried out the “Carefree Childhood” social program.

Like last year, FINCA staff visited schools in regions of Armenia and conducted financial literacy workshops for students of 2nd to 4th grades. During the meetings, children received special educational booklets printed by the company. Composed of various problems, puzzles, and games, these booklets help children to develop elementary math skills and teach them how to properly manage daily expenses, how to make well-thought purchases and save money.

The main goal of FINCA is to improve the quality of life of the population and to overcome poverty. An important factor in this regard is education and, in particular, financial literacy. This is why FINCA has been consistently implementing projects aimed at developing a better educated generation. And the best appreciation of our initiatives is the enthusiasm of children, their active participation in the discussions, and letters of gratitude from schools, which testify that our efforts are not in vain.