Consumer Aparik Loan


Acquire household appliances, goods and services you need from our partner organizations in all regions of Armenia with the Consumer Aparik Loan.


AMD 75,000 – 5,000,000


21,1% – 42,3%


6 – 36 months

Our Benefits

  • Predominance of loans without collateral

  • Completing a loan application at a place convenient for the customer trough a visit from our specialist

  • Quick decision-making

  • Flexible loan repayment schedule

  • Individual approach to each client


About the Loan


Current terms are effective as of January 3, 2022, based on FINCA UCO CJSC Management Board resolution 174/2021, 30.12.2021



  • Additional Service Fees
  • FINCA UCO is regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia
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