The simplest way to boost the development of your farm.
The loan meets the financial needs of farmers, who want to improve their agricultural activity and lifestyle.

  • Loan amount: AMD 500,001–2,500,000 or USD 300–5000,
  • Annual Interest Rate: 14.9% for loans in AMD or 18% for loans in USD,
  • Annual Percentage Rate։ 27.2%–60.1% for loans in AMD or 25.4%–71.0% for loans in USD,
  • Loan Maturity: 6–36 months,
  • No application fee is required.

Detailed terms and conditions of the loan and annual percentage rate calculation

Financial Assistant on the Finance for Everybody ( website

Apply for a loan in a place convenient for you by calling 012 55 55 55 or by ordering a call back (for loans up to AMD 2,500,000/ USD 5,000).