Responsible microfinance is the cornerstone of our operations. Our actions are aimed at job creation in all regions of Armenia. The growth and success of our company are the result of the hard work and persistence of the FINCA Armenia team. The organization is dedicated to its ethical standards of social responsibility.

A big part of our social responsibility activities include working with schools, celebrating Children’s Day and Education Day together.

Above all, FINCA Armenia pledges not to give financial services or loans to: individuals or corporations which are in any way harmful to society or to the environment; or companies dealing with hazardous substances, weapons, tobacco, illegal pharmaceuticals, pesticides/herbicides, ozone depleting substances, wildlife or products regulated under the Committee on the International Trade in Endangered Species.

Our Events

1510, 2019

Financial Literacy Days in FINCA

October 15, 2019|

FINCA completed the series of events promoting financial literacy, during which around 800 students from 40 schools across the country had the opportunity to play the financial game “Byudgetik”, designed by the Central Bank of

809, 2018

Schoolchildren Celebrated the Day of Knowledge with FINCA

September 8, 2018|

The new academic year started with some pleasant surprises for more than 5,000 schoolchildren of 2nd to 4th grades of the Republic of Armenia. Staying true to its tradition of celebrating The Day of Knowledge,

2111, 2017

FINCA always supports the customers

November 21, 2017|

The customer has applied for the loan, the application has met all the necessary criteria, so the contract is signed and the customer makes the payments regularly each month. One might think that the job of the credit organization is done here, but not really. Not for FINCA at least.

211, 2017

Becoming a True Friend

November 2, 2017|

FINCA branches operate in different regions of Armenia for long years. Throughout these years of ups and downs, victories and hardships and many challenges we have indeed contributed greatly to the development of the communities, where we are present. This was not only about mere financial support.