The reliable partner in the neighborhood

The story of Gavrusha Sargsyan comes to prove once more that determination and diligent work are the perfect combination for success. Yet sometimes one also needs just a light push, a little support or one helping hand in order to become the crafter of ambitious, focused and fertile dreams.

Mr. Gavrusha owned a well-known in his city, yet a very modest butchery. Nobody could have even the slightest doubt about the quality of meat products proposed by Mr. Gavrusha, nevertheless, the conditions and overall appearance of the shop would often become a major disincentive for the customer.

Nonetheless, Mr. Gavrush would not put up with the idea of letting the situation to fall into decay. Instead, he decided to invest both into his business and his future. It was at this moment, when he knocked on FINCA’s door, where ambitious people find the necessary means to fulfill their goals.

Only a couple of months later Mr. Gavrusha was welcoming his guests to the reopening ceremony of his renovated and repaired butchery. Moreover, he had further developed his business by opening a little fast food restaurant on the second floor of his shop. Among the guests were the representatives of FINCA “Meghri” branch. Those people were the ones who not only believed in his idea and provided necessary financial means, but also supported him by precious pieces of advice.

During the evening Mr. Gavrusha was joking that FINCA is not only his reliable business partner, but also one of the most favorite neighbors, as his butchery was located very close to the branch.