One Step From Dream to Reality

Karine, a philologist by profession, has long been a housewife who directed all her efforts to her children’s upbringing and the household work. Having no professional background in dressmaking, Karine however dreamt of creating her own dressmaking salon. Learning to develop figures on her own, Karime was at first making dresses for her children only surprising all their friends with her original ideas and creativity. However, when the children grew up Karine realized that she could use her time more productively. During long years Karine had already specialized in dressmaking and was ready to turn her beloved hobby into a profitable business, which would allow her both to create and make a living taking a part of the family financial burden on her shoulders.

With endless enthusiasm Karine lends a business area, purchases sewing machines, necessary clothes and kicks off her business. She starts making clothes for children and gradually expands the variety of dresses. Witnessing her wife’s success, Karine’s husband who was very skeptic about Karine’s adventurous initiative, decides to support her wife being sure that with joint efforts they will achieve much more. Karine’s sister and son also join this initiative, which enables to accept larger volume of orders without compromising on the quality of work.

Karine starts cooperating with different shops, the number of which was growing day by day. However, with the increase of orders, it becomes necessary to obtain extra working capital; otherwise it would be merely impossible to ensure the accomplishment of all the orders on time. Hence, Karine starts thinking about financial institutions where she could borrow money from and as a result of through research Karine decides to apply to FINCA. The loan from FINCA enables Karine to cooperate with larger number of shops and significantly increase her production volume. Karine is confident that FINCA is her financial partner for a lifetime and she intends to realize more initiatives through FINCA’s support. In the nearest future Karine even plans to export her dresses to Russia.

“FINCA enabled me to make my business sustainable and gain recognition throughout Armenia. Hard work, courage and the great belief made it possible for to make my greatest dream come true, while the cooperation with FINCA fostered my business growth. I advise all women not to be afraid of moving towards the realization of their dreams and never stop believing that everything is possible.”