Bringing the Family Traditions to the Home Country

It is already 40 years that Nerses is in the Molding Business, and 37 years out of this in the territory of Syria. Nerses inherited this business from his father who was a real master with infectious enthusiasm.

Nerses has always been very proud of the family business and has been devoted to sharing his expertise with his children so that the family tradition passes from generation to generation. As a result, Nerses’ son joined him in this business and together they could nurture this business and make it into one of the most successful and well-known ones in Syria. Their works were so unique that they enjoyed popularity not only in Syria, but also in a number of Arabic countries, among them Lebanon, Egypt, Hordanan, etc.

However, no one can ever know how life would dispose. 3 years ago due to unforeseen circumstances in Syria Nerses and his son had to abandon everything they had and move to Armenia. Although Armenia was Nerses’ home country, at this stage of his life it was very difficult to start everything from the very beginning.

The first year was full of hardships: a totally new market, unfamiliar Legislation and Regulations, strong longing for relatives and friends left in Syria… A year after with the help of a friend Nerses could eventually find a place in Yerevan to restart the abandoned business and bring the family traditions to his home country. During 2 years a small business with no client base grew into a strong one due to the passion that Nerses and his son invested in ensuring that every piece of work accomplished by them stood out from the crowd. External décor elements, hookahs, ashtrays, censers and anything that a client would ever think to order…

When the first profits started to appear Nerses began looking for additional financing to expand his working capital. This was when the friend of Nerses’ son, who was a client of FINCA, advised them to apply to FINCA for a Business loan. And FINCA was there to help. With the first loan of FINCA in the amount of AMD 630 000 Nerses could purchase raw materials for launching a totally new type of product in the Armenian market- hookahs from aluminum. They proved to be a real boom and started enjoying demand not only in Armenia but in Russia, as well. To meet the day by day growing demand Nerses has applied for another loan at FINCA in the amount of USD 1500 with which he hopes to continue boosting the family output in increased volumes.

Nerses describes his relationships with FINCA as very productive and friendly, “FINCA enabled me to bring my family traditions to my home country and lent me a helping hand when I needed it the most”.