Vahan, 39, lives in the region of Armavir, village Guy, with his two children, father and sister. Looking at Vahan’s fish farm today, it is hard to imagine that once there used to be just a big hole in this territory. Due to Vahan’s persistent character and with the help of FINCA loan, today, instead of a hole, there are pools full of fish, which Vahan talks with so much pride about.

Years ago Vahan was a villager, who worked in the fishing farms of his relatives and always dreamt of establishing his own business. As the time passed, the desire grew overwhelmingly… Vahan decided to raise cattle. Some time later, however, he realized that something was going not the way he always wanted. He was too obsessed with the idea of raising fish.

In 2006 Vahan gathered all his courage and made a step towards his bright future. He made the decision of establishing the fishing farm. It all started with one pool. A couple of years later Vahan already had several… He began cooperating with caviar importers and raised caviar brought from France and Denmark. He hired two workers and took on the path of bringing his long-standing dream to life.

The number of pools was growing each year. Along with that, though, a number of problems started occurring. Vahan’s financial resources were not enough for facing all the challenges. In 2013 Vahan learned from FINCA clients about the opportunity of taking a loan and without hesitation applied to receive an individual business loan.

Today Vahan has 11 pools. With the received loan in the amount of 15 000$, he bought a car and now transfers and sells fish in the city. In 2015 Vahan applied for the second loan and received 20 000$. “FINCA helped me to develop and stimulate my business, to find new opportunities in this undertaking. Now I not only raise fish but also transfer it with the car bought with FINCA loan to the city and sell it. With my current FINCA loan I am able to ensure the future prosperity of my business”, says Vahan.