Life in Greenhouses

Hospitable Vazgen lives in the region of Armavir, village Araqs. He has a big, united family. His life job is greenhouses: Vazgen owns a greenhouse farm for 12 years already. He grows cucumber, tomato, pepper, chili pepper, and eggplant… This list has the potential to grow.

It all started with a small land. Vazgen grew and sold vegetable. As they say, bright ideas come unexpectedly… One day Vazgen came up with the idea of establishing a big greenhouse farm. Vazgen likes to bring all his ideas to life; when he has a dream, he is determined and uncompromising.

The way to success, however, was far from being easy and smooth. Vazgen faced many obstacles, which discouraged him in no way though. He had a loan in a bank, but his new application of receiving a large amount was turned down. Vazgen did not yield. Asking men in neighborhood for advice, he learned about FINCA, and joining them, took a rural loan. Vazgen’s crediting history at FINCA is now comprised of 6 repaid loans and one ongoing loan in the amount of 10 000$.

“FINCA lent me a helping hand, when others shut doors on me. 8 years ago, when I received the first loan at FINCA, my long journey with the company started.”

Today Vazgen has 2 workers and a big army of helpers in the face of his family members. He keeps being FINCA’s loyal customer.