Whether you are a motivated graduate, an early-career professional or an experienced professional, FINCA Armenia is the perfect workplace for you to learn and grow professionally and gain new knowledge and skills.

FINCA Armenia offers:

FINCA Armenia has created all the conditions for learning, development and professional growth. There are regular training activities which aim at improving employee skills and motivating them to further develop their professional knowledge and succeed in their work.


With more than 30 years of experience and 10,000+ employees around the world, FINCA has unmatched experience and expertise in microfinance. As a potential employee, you have the opportunity to join a professional staff willing to share experience and knowledge.
People from diverse backgrounds have joined FINCA Impact Finance, each of whom are granted the opportunity to apply their unique perspective and skills to achieve common goals.

We continually find new solutions to make our team members more efficient in establishing stronger relationships with clients and improving their experiences. To ensure continuous improvement of our services, we encourage our employees’ innovative spirit and aspiration to make changes.

In terms of financial compensation, FINCA Armenia provides its employees with the following:

  • a competitive salary;
  • medical insurance;
  • the possibility of getting loans on preferential terms; and
  • international certification exam fee reimbursement.

A unique culture of interpersonal warmth unites FINCA Impact Finance employees from different organizational levels. The culture of teamwork and mutual respect means new employees are members of the FINCA Impact Finance family.


You can find the announcements on available vacancies here.