The customer has applied for the loan, the application has met all the necessary criteria, so the contract is signed and the customer makes the payments regularly each month. One might think that the job of the credit organization is done here, but not really. Not for FINCA at least.

At FINCA we do our best to support our customer as much as possible and also to establish a strong bond with the community where we live and work. We are deeply convinced that with the help of care and warmth, as well as with diligent work, we share with our customers our vision of a brighter future. That is why the relationship between our staff and customers is so close, that the latter might sometimes share with us their routine problems, ideas, worries and anxieties.

Our “Stepanavan” branch members paid a visit to FINCA customer Marine Ghukasyan. The purpose of our visit was to help her in the difficult work of sorting and storing the potato harvest during the harvest season. In fact, the we had the idea of supporting Marine, when we learnt that her husband and son work abroad, so she had to take care of the harvest all alone. Indeed, quite an arduous work for a woman. Nevertheless, FINCA is always there for its customers and is happy to share even their routine problems. Marine was very much touched, as she couldn’t have anticipated this kind of a warm attitude. The atmosphere at the house was pleasant and cheerful, and the whole day our branch representatives stayed at Marine’s place to help her.

Without a shadow of a doubt this was a great support for our customer, but staff members benefited emotionally from this initiative even more. Each FINCA employee always bears in mind FINCA values and feels satisfied and a worthy member of the society when fulfilling his or her social duties.