World of Spices

Sale of spices is Armine’s family business for 18 years already. Cooperation with FINCA, however, started 2 years ago, when she and her family decided to move to Etchmiadzin and enlarge their business by establishing “World of Spices” store there, too.

Armine, her husband and daughter lived and worked in Yerevan, where their 2 spice stores were operating. The decision of moving to Etchmiadzin and trying to achieve success there was sudden. Armine applied to FINCA and in 2015 received 2 loans, in the amount of 1000$ and 700$. With the received loan amount Armine and her husband imported a variety of spices from Georgia and ensured the smooth operation of Etchmiadzin store.

Today many people in Etchmiadzin know that there is a store, which specializes in spice selling. All here know each other very well; satisfied clients advise each other to go to Armine’s shop only, because Armine is well aware of spices and can give the right advice, which spice to use in the dish to make it exclusively delicious. Especially tourists always admire the wide variety, Armine’s warm and caring attitude and her ability to keep the shop so clean.

“FINCA opened new horizons for us. With the received loan we were able to enlarge and develop our business. We are very grateful to FINCA for our success”, says Armine.