True friend in business

Marine lives in Armavir, in a small yet very beautiful and friendly town, where everybody knows each other. Everyday our loyal client Marine opens the doors of her beauty salon and personally welcomes her first clients.

Marine started her business on 2013 and since than it is the main source of income for her family. The road to stable and lucrative business was long and tough, but Marine remembers those hardships with a smile. “I was not alone, as I found a real friend.” cites Marine about her experience of working with FINCA.

There was a time when Marine needed financial support for her business urgently. Nevertheless, each financial company she turned to, would reject her. But Marine didn’t give up and turned to FINCA for support. This time she found a company, who was ready to meet her halfway. “FINCA believed in me. At that moment I needed money as soon as possible. Sometimes it seemed to me something unrealistic, but everything figured out due to professional and diligent work of FINCA staff”.

So in upcoming four years Maine applied for loans to FINCA two more times and each time the received money would greatly contribute to the development of her business.

“The fact that I have a reliable partner as FINCA in my business, makes me feel even more confident and make even more ambitious plans for future.” says Marine and adds. “The thing that I appreciate the most at FINCA is their commitment to propose the best solution for the costumer and their readiness to support business especially female entrepreneurs.”

Now Marine is running a successful small business, which helps her not only support her family but also provide five people in her community with work and possibility of ensuring the income of their families.