The Silversmith

Back in school, Artyom, 33, was not very keen on studying. The center of his vital interest was always jewelry making. Hence, after graduating, he took on the long and eventful path in this sphere, by entering the market as a goldsmith.

It all started with a small counter in “Malatia” market. Artyom designed, created and sold his works. Years later, however, Artyom decided to work with silver only, and came up with the idea of starting a business. It was six and a half years ago, when he suggested his friend to join him and make an investment in this undertaking. But times were tough… The business did not prosper.

Despite it, Artyom found courage to start it all from scratch. But this time Artyom chose FINCA as his partner. In the beginning the business operated very weakly. But Artyom is not the one to get afraid of risk and step back when facing hardships. He invested the first loan received from FINCA, as well as all his time and energy to make the business evolve. With first FINCA loan Artyom bought equipment and hired workers in 2011. During the past 5 years Artyom received FINCA loans for another 4 times.

“If not for FINCA, I would probably be sitting in a small room today, making jewelry, and facing difficulty in selling my works. Or I might be somewhere else, doing a different job, not the one that I like… But today with all the support that I received from FINCA I maintain prosperous business, employ workers and sell my creations. FINCA is my sustainable partner. When I was just starting this business, FINCA was the one to support me, lending me money straight away, in 10 days. My vision of future is to buy modern equipment for taking jewelry measurements, installing stones, polishing the works, etc. I know that all is possible with FINCA,” says Artyom.

Today Artyom owns and manages a manufactory. He imports metal and stones from abroad, and employs different professionals, among them his father and sister, who ensure the wholeness and continuity of the entire jewelry making cycle. The jewelry made on his manufactory is sold in “Vernisage”, “Russia” mall (where he has his own counters), as well as in all the regions of Armenia.